Noida 2020
  • Website Development
  • Web and UI/UX Design
  • Graphic Design

ŠKODA Brite is one jewel onto our portfolio! As ŠKODA, which marks its recognition on the crystalline structure. They are one of the few companies that understand not only the art of noise but also the aesthetics around buying cars.
BRITE Autowheel being the only showroom in India with an "Experience centre" that reflects the ŠKODA mixing of its two ideas (Crystalline structure coupled with aesthetics). Every minute details are specially carved to elevate the overall buying experience.

Briefing of Our Work

For Brite ŠKODA, we decided to showcase their edge-cutting idea i.e. their Experience-centre on to the website, we revamped their overall website while infusing the swish technologies elements into the blueprint to fill out the gaps in any way! The blueprint entails enticing landing pages, product descriptions with unique story telling- all them highlighting the two ideas of Brite ŠKODA i.e., Crystalline structure coupled with aesthetics.