Marketing Strategies during COVID-19

By: Outbuzz Marketing Team
In: Marketing
2020, May 18

It’s been almost 2 months that Coronavirus has flipped our lives upside down. From taking measures to stay safe whether maintaining social distancing or lockdown, we somewhere know that this is not going to end very soon. From living with the fear of this COVID-19 to facing the consequences after it, we all know that we have to face a lot in the near future as well.

In the situation of a major crisis, business owners need to have a proactive plan of action to adapt and adjust how they lead their teams, satisfy their customers, and maintain the value of their brands. You have to set the tone in every ad campaign or delivered message through whatever platform how your customers perceive the rand during a pandemic or crisis. Here are some of the effective ways to keep your business running smoothly and successfully:

1. Digital campaign should be the focus

Due to this pandemic and no or less existence of physical strategies, most entrepreneurs are relying more on digital strategies. Web traffic is considered to be risen almost double all over the nation. If you are wondering about the ways to market your products during the COVID-19 pandemic, the best options are social media ads(whether Facebook, Google, Instagram for business, or LinkedIn). The most important step is to know when to re-strategize, pause, or stop any digital campaign. There is no point in running any campaign which may turn your customers off.

2. Show your existence on Social Media:

Do not stop posting on your social media account. Your audience/customers need to know that you are still active. They look up to your social accounts, whether Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or any other platform for any latest update about your products/services. You can also follow some trends to stay on top of your social media game by:
• Expressing your opinion and the steps you are taking to stay healthy.
• Informing them about your new business policies.
• When will you be back in action or if you are delivering any product and services, what are the measures you are taking.
• Motivate your audience in a positive direction.


3. Never forget to show empathy:

There is so much spread of misinformation and useless rumors on social media. Always remember, your audience gets influenced by whatever you post or share so be careful of what you are sharing. Reframe marketing language that describes close interaction such as “get in touch”, “get closure to your customer”, or any messages encouraging immediate interaction. Do not forget to highlight how your brand can help.

4. Update your Google My Business listing:

Your existing or potential customers are relying on you for the latest updates about your business. Whether you are temporarily closed, change in timing, arranging pickups, or providing any service should be updated on your Google my business listing. Use your Brand Heart (purpose, vision, mission, and values) as your North Star to remind yourself what your brand stands for, and what that means in the context of COVID-19.

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