Tips to design the perfect Email Newsletter

By: Outbuzz Marketing Team
In: Design
2020, May 18

The first question that arises is “Are your newsletter helping or hurting your business?”. Since newsletters are the most sent emails, but still, when it comes to the content you want to deliver to your customers, it becomes the most difficult part. Most emails get instantly deleted. Everyone wants to craft an Email Newsletter that their audience will want to read. We have accumulated some tips which might help you ace your email newsletter game.

1. Examine, do you need a newsletter?

In an organization, there are numerous topics to discuss with the audience. You need to evaluate whether or not you need a newsletter on a specific issue. You may have a project going on, but you need to examine whether a newsletter is good for marketing or you will end up just wasting your time and efforts working on the same. To figure the best solution, research on what kind of newsletter the public like to subscribe to.

2. Keep it focused

One of the biggest mistakes we often do is that the newsletter we create is usually cluttered and unfocused. One way to reduce the randomness in your newsletter is by keeping it to a very specific topic. Decide whether you want to talk about any new service or product, any marketing scheme, new organizational policies, or else. So instead of keeping it all about your company in general, try to make it vertical.


3. Maintain the balance

Do not forget about the concept of 90% education and 10% promotion. A possibility is maybe your audience doesn’t want to hear about your product or service, but they may love to hear from you. Try to opt for how you can educate the public about the service and products you offer without forcing them to buy it. Focus on sending educational, relevant, timely information unless your organization has something exciting to tell your audience.

4. Show your creativity with the subject lines

There is no guarantee that your audience subscribed to your newsletter and will open it every time they receive one from you. Try to hold the right nerve of your audience by writing the catchy subject line including what exactly they want to hear from you. You must have a unique, creative, and different subject line for each newsletter you send to your audience.

5. Primary call-to-action

What actually makes a newsletter appropriate is multiple CTA(call-to-action) for featuring multiple pieces. Rather, go for that one thing you would like your subscribers to react on. As mentioned in the above point, your newsletter should be focused on a particular topic, similarly, your main CTA should be for that purpose. The rest of CTA should be “if you have time to look”. Your subscribers are already getting so many newsletters per day, you have to send them the one they want to read, not what you want them to read.

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