Marketing Strategies
Noida 2020
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Increased User Engagement
  • Online Marketing Strategies
  • Graphic Design

Ideally at BRITE ŠKODA, the marketing strategies that we pivoted was to divide and give equal take on both indoor and outdoor marketing. So, when we talk about indoor marketing, we started with their brand awareness and created digital media plans to garner more end-users to know that Brite ŠKODA has recently inaugurated its first-ever experience-cum- service showroom in Ghaziabad. With this we created an influx of social media creatives, mostly telling a story to all the end-users to check out this never seen before experience

Briefing of Our Work

Digital Marketing- From finalizing the keywords to running paid campaigns without exhausting money, we took care of every little minute steps that makes digital marketing ideas work. Although time to time our plan of actions required for deep analysis to propose or fill out the next emerging gaps With COVID right around the corner, we had to tell the customers about the latest campaign about ŠKODA PROTECT and how BRITE is launching a concept of Car disinfectant services at an affordable amount. For this idea to outshine, we formulated two strategies i.e., at first, we will make lucrative creatives and then to bolster the campaign we shot a video regarding the successful implementation of this idea, where we recorded plethora of testimonials.